Jenn Butterworth

Jenn Butterworth

ByCams17 June 20192 min read

Jenn Butterworth was on Arran with Laura-Beth Salter for the 25th Arran Folk Festival. I caught up with her after…

Andy Howell

Andy Howell

ByCams4 December 20181 min read

It was so nice to catch up with Andy Howell after having known him online for many years. We talked…

Nick Harper

Nick Harper

ByCams16 November 20182 min read

I’ve been a fan of Nick Harper’s for many years now and always try and see him when he passes…

Dave White

Dave White

ByCams31 October 20181 min read

Dave White runs De Faoite Stringed Instruments where he builds guitars, ukuleles, bouzoukis and all manner of strings instruments. I…

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